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Marketing Expert

Robbie Shawn

E-Commerce & Amazon Consultant
  • 12 Years Experience in
    E-Commerce & Amazon
  • Data Driven and Google Analytics Certified
  • Familiar with Shopify, Magento, WordPress and WooCommerce

“Robbie is an IT workhorse that knows sales and digital marketing. I had the pleasure of working with Robbie on multiple projects including the inplementation of Netsuite and technical integration of sales channels to Netsuite using the Celigo Integrator.io. Outside of his IT skills, he understands the ins and outs of Amazon as well as digital marketing eCommerce strategy. It was a pleasure working with Robbie.”

Michael Pilgrim

Netsuite Ninja

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Do You Offer Custom Freelance Requests?2021-04-09T00:54:42-04:00


We love helping other companies navigate the digital world. Our goal is to be your go to source for anything e-commerce related. Whether it’s a one off job or a large project, we want to be here for you so that you think about us next time you need some help.

Where Are You Located?2021-04-09T00:55:06-04:00

Hoot Commerce is located in New Port Richey, Florida.

We were formerly located in San Diego, California but moved to Florida in 2020.

What Services Do You Provide?2021-04-09T00:49:42-04:00

Hoot Commerce is an E-Commerce consulting agency which means we can help you with everything relating to E-Commerce. We can help startup companies get going from scratch or take existing established brands and help improve their presence.

We specialize in assisting companies identify gaps in their current digital marketing efforts on both their website and Amazon. We love helping companies formulate a strategy and a plan to accomplish that strategy.

Our list of individual services can be found here.

Who is Hoot Commerce?2021-04-09T00:40:20-04:00

Hoot Commerce is a e-commerce consulting agency that helps e-commerce based businesses increase their digital footprint via several strategic digital marketing strategies. We provide a full tech stack analysis along with all of your current marketing efforts to identify gaps that can hold your company back from its full potential.