If you are running an eCommerce website, you might want to look for the best hosting company where you can host your website. We will see what a hosting company is and which company can handle your eCommerce website with ease. Here are some of the great tips you can go with.

#1 Google Cloud

The best website server you can go with is Google Cloud. Google cloud has been in the industry for many years. The tech giant offers a great cloud where you can host your website.

It allows you to make smarter decisions. As it is by Google, you can easily connect all the Google apps with it. This allows you to connect any apps with it. If you are not sure, you can surely try out the cloud for free.

Google cloud has unlimited storage with no minimum object size. You can add as many files as you want. The storage locations are worldwide. In this way, you don’t have to worry about storage.

Talking about the durability, it’s quite high. As a result, you can surely go with the cloud.

Google Cloud is the most popular cloud there is. You can go with telecommunication companies. There are many features such as Kubernetes, Cloud CDN, dataflow, Cloud run, compute engine, storage, SDK, and many more.

Now, we will have a look at the features and see the advantages/disadvantages.


  • It will give you complete configuration management
  • Backup and recovery options to save your data.
  • Data cleansing, blending, and discovery features are also available.
  • It has a chatbot to help you out.
  • Collaboration tools to collab with the people.
  • Billing and provisioning tools to make sure that you are charged perfectly.


  • Cloud by a tech giant.
  • Offers easy integration with all the other apps.
  • A huge free trial period is available.


  • The support is less.
  • Security and privacy sometimes get complicated here.
  • Pricing can be expensive if you go with the paid version. Not a value-for-money product for many people.

#2 AWS

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. AWS is a product by Amazon and provides you various cloud services you can go with.

Amazon is the most suited service for most people out there due to its outstanding performance and value for money. If you are a developer, you should surely go with AWS. They have the best website server out there.

Just like Google cloud, it has a free tier where you can create your account and get access for free. Along with this, if you are a student, you will get a lot of extra stuff for free. Amazon provides various services that you can go with such as S3, EC2, Elastic BeanStalk, Lambda, Cloudwatch, etc. All these services will provide you different features using which you can get started with the deployment of the services.

You can deploy your website on the server with a few clicks. However, you will need to learn a bit about the best website server.

There are various certifications available if you want to master the service. You can surely check it out if want to handle the webserver all by yourself.

AWS makes it easier for you to launch your first website as the deployment is easy.

Moreover, it has various products that you can go with. It will allow you to have a database, blockchain app, IOT services, containers, etc. You can also manage customer engagement and marketing from here.


  • It provides a virtual private Cloud. This is where you can provision compute resources.
  • Security and data encryption feature to make sure your data is safe and secure.
  • Various products and services across the various industries to deliver the best results.

A complete list of features will depend on the service you choose to go with. You will surely get the best services here. Therefore, you can surely rely on this.


  • Great support and it has various products from which you can choose the best one.
  • Free tier to get started.
  • Products for various industries.
  • Certification to learn about AWS.


  • There are service limitations set by the platform.
  • If you want technical support, you will have to pay some extra fees.
  • Your team needs knowledge about the service and AWS if you want them to handle the website for you.

#3 Kinsta

If you are looking for the best hosting company where you can host your data, you can surely go with Kinsta. Unlike the above-given ones, here you will get the managed hosting.

Kinsta is a managed hosting website for WordPress users. If you are using WooCommerce for doing business, you can go with Kinsta which is considered the best website server or the best hosting company when it comes to managed services.

The main goal of the managed service is to make sure that the company provides all the services and manages them for you. You can install WordPress and then the company will handle all the things for you.

They will handle the security of the website, performance, updates, backups, etc. Therefore, you can leave all the technical things on the company and focus on your business.

Of course, it will cost you more as they are managing all the things for you.


  • The speed of the best website server is great.
  • Provides DDoS Detection and hardware firewalls. These are the security features.
  • Your website will be monitored 24/7 to make sure it is safe, secure, and up.
  • Next-generation infrastructure with Google Cloud.
  • Free site migration facility available without incurring any downtime.


  • Everything will be managed by them.
  • Backup and security monitoring.
  • Great performance.
  • Support is also outstanding
  • You don’t need any technical knowledge. You can focus on your business.


  • Price is high for the startup eCommerce websites.
  • Only for WordPress

#4 SiteGround

If you are not looking for a managed hosting but you want the best hosting company where you will get better controls. You can go with SiteGround. SiteGround allows you to host any website. You will get panel access and you can control almost everything.

It comes with not one but many hosting types. You can either go with the shared hosting which is the most affordable one. If you are using WooCommerce, you can go with WooCommerce hosting. On the other hand, if your getting high traffic, you can surely go with cloud hosting which has better resource management.

In this way, you will get the best results and your website will load in no time. SiteGround is known for the speed and the security of the website. You can be stress-free about these two things.


  • Provides various types of hosting. You can go with any plan as per your budget and requirement,
  • Ultra-fast network with Google.
  • It uses 100% renewable energy.
  • Their team is available 24/7 to help you whenever you want. The support is incredible.


  • Great support.
  • Provides managed services.
  • They have got data centers on 4 continents.
  • Plans are budget-friendly.
  • Less loading time and more secure.


  • The resources are limited. You won’t get unlimited storage or bandwidth.
  • Renewal prices are high which is a big issue.

#5 A2Hosting

If you are looking for an affordable yet the best hosting company, you can go with A2hosting. A2hosting will allow you to get the hosting at a very affordable price. A2 is known for the speed and ease of usage. You can easily get started with the best website server.

Just like SiteGround, it has various types of hosting you can go with. Here, you will get many more types of hosting you can go with. You can also choose from VPS or you can go with a dedicated server where you will get access to the complete server.

Here, you will get unlimited storage along with free optimization. If your website was hosted at someplace, you can easily migrate it here. There are automatic backups that will help you to increase security.

A2 provides a 99.9% uptime commitment which is the next reason why it is the best hosting company out there that you can go with. There are many more features that you will get here.


  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • Speed optimization features to increase the speed.
  • Free migration
  • World-class support
  • You can go with any type of hosting you want.


  • Uptime guarantee
  • If you are not satisfied with the service in the initial days, you can ask for a refund.
  • Free SSL and domain in some cases.
  • Pricing is affordable


  • The price is expensive.

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Bonus Tip: Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a CDN that provides you the ability to increase speed. You can surely add CDN to your website regardless of which of the best website server provider services you are using.

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. You can add it to your website and your website’s data will be divided into various locations. Cloudflare has more than 52 locations from which your data will load.

If a person from the US visits your website, it will load the data from the nearest location. In the same way, if a person from Singapore visits your website, it will load the data from the nearest data center.

This will increase the speed of your website.

A CDN is useful in many other places. It will make sure that the incoming traffic is secure and will decrease the load on your server by removing unwanted or bot traffic. Therefore, you can surely go with the CDN. You can surely connect it with the best hosting company given by the above list.

How to Choose the Best Hosting Company?

Now that you know about the best website server providers, we will see how you can choose the best hosting company from the given list.

For that, you need to consider various factors. Here are the three most important things to keep in mind when you are choosing the server.

  • How much traffic you are currently having?
  • How much traffic do you think you will be getting in the next few months or after a year?
  • What is your budget?

You will surely get the answer if you think about all these three questions. Here is a brief description of which service is best for you.

Cloud Server: It’s best if you are having a huge number of visitors on your website. We saw AWS and Google Cloud in this category.

Managed Cloud: It’s the cloud server but the company will handle some of the things for you. SiteGround is the example here.

Managed Hosting: Managed hosting is for the people who are using a CMS such as WordPress. We saw Kinsta and SiteGround here.

Shared hosting: Shared hosting is fr the new eCommerce website. SiteGround and A2Hosting provide shared hosting that you can go with.

VPS and Dedicated Server: If you are having a huge number of visitors and want to have a standalone server, a dedicated server is a choice for you. In the same way, if you just want a part of the server, VPS is the one that you can go with. A2 provides both of them here.

With this, you can choose the best hosting company that you can go with.

Final Words

To conclude, these are some of the best choices you can go with. You can always check out the complete website and check the features. To make your work easier, we have also listed out all the pros and cons to make sure that you can choose the best website server. With this, you can find the best service where you can go with.

If you are facing any issues, you can always go with our consulting services. further, if you want to grow your eCommerce website, you can always hire an eCommerce consultant who can help you with the growth. Contact us to know more about it.

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