If you are into the Amazon business, you have probably heard about Quartile. It’s a great tool you can use to increase your advertising performance on Amazon by using artificial intelligence. We will discuss more about the software and see whether you should be using it for your Amazon advertising campaigns or not.

If you want to improve your ads, the best solution here is to use one of the machine learning tools to automate your CPCs and maximize your overall campaign performance. Quartile is one of the newest and best tools on the market to accomplish that.

The main question you need to ask is whether you should use it or not. Some people don’t understand what Quartile is or how it really works. We will learn more about it in the first section.

What is Quartile?

Before we see whether to use this tool or not, we need to know more about the tool, right?

Quartile is one of the best tools you can use to manage your ad campaigns on Amazon. You can  set the system up to know exactly when and how much to spend when you are advertising to ensure you don’t overspend or underspend. It’s always a lot of work when you are planning to start a new ad campaign or implementing a new strategy. Starting a new campaign is easy, but ensuring you set the right CPCs and budgets and then maintaining those on a regular basis are critical.

Quartile has a solution for that. It’s a tool that will help you increase the PPC performance of your ads. There is a huge amount of data in the tool that you can use to ensure the best results. You can always use the software and get the best prediction based on data.

The model will train itself based on past data. The past data consists of all the historical performance of each ad campaign and will automate the bids based on performance, budgets, and goals. With the data, you can know which type of advertisements work best and which type of advertisements don’t. When you know this, you can easily use the right elements and run the ads more efficiently.

This is where Quartile comes in.

How can Quartile Help you?

The main question remains the same – How can the tool help you to grow your Amazon seller account and what are the things you will get in this tool? For that, we will be seeing what are the features here. The features will tell you what exactly this tool does. This will give you a better idea of why you should be using this tool.

Campaign Management

We will see the basic feature for which the tool is famous. It’s used for campaign management. You can create a complete campaign for your Amazon.  The process is simple and you can then define all the things here. You can set the top ACoS and all the extra details.

This is where the magic starts. The software will work directly on autopilot and give you the exact details. It will then set the campaign for you. This is when the first step is done for you. You can now focus on the next step that is to set the rest of the things up here.

Don’t worry, the tool will help you in many ways. In the end, it’s all about increasing the profit and ROI of your advertisements.

It makes the creation and management a lot easier.

Smart Ads

You can always use smart ads. Most of you might have guessed that these will be automatic ads. With this, you can easily use the prediction. There will be smart predictions that you can use.

The smart prediction will be given based on the data they have. There is a huge data given to the models. The models are trained machines learning to give the best results. This means that you will get the best results.

With the best prediction, you can automate your ads. Further, you will also get better sales with this. When the ads run in the right way, you are sure to see better results.

International Expansion

This is one of the best reasons as to why you should be using Quartile. With this, getting global coverage will be easier.

Whether you are planning to sell in the United States or you are planning to sell in other countries, you can use this tool here.

They have a presence in over 11 different countries. You are sure to have some leverage power here. The global presence will allow you to sell globally.

The tool can surely help you here if you are someone who wants to try global markets and see if it fits you.


The tool is completely automated.

Like we have seen in the campaign management tool, the tool can surely automate your work here. At first, it can set up the entire campaign for you. Thereafter, it will also automate and optimize your ad spends.

This will be done by matching the data that they have. They have a massive amount of data and their software uses machine language here. With this, it becomes easier to predict whether the ad spend is great or not.

If you are not getting the right ROI (Return on Investment), it will optimize your ad spends to give better rates.

Therefore, you can use this tool for better ad rates.

Web-Based and Easy to Scale

Automation is not the only reason why you should be using this. This tool is completely web-based. You can use this tool from anywhere. You just need access to the internet. When you have the access to the internet, you can use this tool.

Further, scalability is the next thing that you need to see. Here, the tool is completely scalable.

When you are using the right tool, your sales will increase. When the sales increase, you will also need to upgrade your tool. This tool is completely scalable.

Real-time Reports

You need to see the stats and then make your decision. If you do that, you will be sure to have more successes. Therefore, you will get the reports in real-time.

There are advanced reports in the Quartile account you can check.

The reports will tell you which advertisement is doing well and which isn’t. You can then remove the one that is not working. All the reports are in real-time. No waiting for days to see which ads are performing.

Further, there are all the KPIs given. KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators. These are the main indicators that will give you the perfect idea about the ads. It’s important to have the right KPIs if you want to analyze your advertising account properly. Quartile surely has got it all. So, with them there is nothing to worry about it.

Technical Features of the tool

Till now, we have seen all the basic features that you will get here. However, we have not yet seen the technical features. The technical background is responsible for the results you get. If the technical things behind the tool are great, you are sure to get better results here.

6 Patented Algorithms

The algorithms are the main thing that will help the software. This is a unique piece of software you can use. These algorithms are patented. In simpler words, you won’t find any similar working software anywhere else.

Machine Learning

It works on machine learning. For the people who don’t know, machine learning is a concept where the machine learns from itself. When you give a huge amount of data to the machine, it will automatically start learning from the data.

Therefore, the algorithms have been developed enough to make better decisions you can use.

Proprietary system

The next benefit is the system. They use AI to allocate your ad spends and optimize it for better returns. AI stands for Artificial intelligence. It’s basically when the computer can think like a human being.

You can easily use AI to get the best results. Here, it is used to allocate your ad spends. In the end, it’s all about optimizing your ads for better rates.

It will not touch any major factor that might affect the advertisement negatively. Therefore, there is no need to worry over here. You can easily start using the system.

Optimizing your advertisements is the best thing that you can do to increase your overall strategy.

Should you use it?

Now, let’s see the main review of it. Whether or not you should be using it.

For that, we will see the entire thing from all the possible angles.

Let’s begin with the seller type.

If you are a new seller with less budget, this might not be the right tool for you. The reason is simple. The tool itself is expensive. If you were to spend money on the tool as well as in the advertisements, your budget would be over in no time. It’s hard to get optimum results on a low budget.

This is no secret. Therefore, you will have to ensure that you have enough budget allocated for the ad spends as well as you will need to have enough budget for the tool too.

If you have both of them, you need to consider the next factor.

The next factor is the current ad performance. If you are running 2/3 ads and all of them are doing well, you don’t need to spend more money on the tool. Instead, you can directly focus on the main business.

In that case, we would recommend getting the consulting service from HootCommerce. This will help you in growing your business.

However, if your ads are not doing well and you want to optimize them, you can go with us. Not to mention, even if your ads are doing well, you can get our service. We have the right team who can help you with your ads as well as your business.

The Good and The Bad

We will now have a quick look at some of the good and bad things about the tool.

At first, the best thing here is the technology. It’s a data-driven tool using AI as well as Machine learning to increase the overall performance. Therefore, it’s something you can rely on. All the algorithms have their patent which is yet another great thing.

Other than this, we have been mentioning the good part since the start.

So, we will focus more on the bad part here.

Pricing is sure to be an issue for many people. You will have to contact them with your requirements if you want to get the pricing. The pricing is sure to be expensive here.

The next bad thing here is the support. Their support is not that good. You will have to wait for a long time. So, this can also be a big issue for some people.

Other than these things, the tool is the best.

They also provide a managed service. If you don’t want to create and manage the ads by yourself, you can go with their digital marketing service. Here, we have only talked about the tool itself and not about the services.

Final Words

That’s pretty much it. You can check out Quartile to get to know more about it.

If you are struggling to increase your business and looking for the best company to help you. You can use eCommerce consulting by HootCommerce. The managed service will help you in increasing your business as well as help you to scale your business. With the right and experienced people, it’s easier to grow the business. Therefore, you might want to check out the service. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or you want to use the consulting service.

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